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We are now a staff of 40 employees consisting of teachers, doctoral students, researchers and technical and administrative staff. In the Department there are doctoral students and research-ers in a number of areas connected with the aesthetic subjects. The researchers also teach in the courses for which the Department is responsible

The Department

In comparison with other teacher educations in aesthetic subjects, our scientific qualifications are very good. Scientifically the Department is unique in Sweden with its research environ-ment created round aesthetic subjects and aesthetic learning processes. All the teaching prem-ises are specially designed with modern equipment for the needs of every education and are located very centrally in the Teacher Education Building on Umeå University’s campus.

The student city of Umeå

When studying at Umeå University you will enjoy all the advantages of a large city without its disadvantages. With its more than 112,000 inhabitants, Umeå might be any medium-sized Swedish city. But it has actually been appointed Sweden’s best city to reside, live and work in – twice, in fact. In addition, Umeå was appointed Youth Municipality of the Year in 2008, Growth Municipality of the Year in 2008, Sweden’s IC Municipality in 2007-2008 and Swe-den’s Quality Municipality in 2005-2007.

European Capital of Culture 2014

Umeå has been appointed European Capital of Culture 2014. The Capital of Culture year will be developed year by year up to the inauguration. This will involve many cultural efforts, cul-tural projects and programmes to be initiated several years before 2014. This will be visible in the city, e.g. in the form of an effort to renew the urban environment and the construction of a new event arena. The average age of the inhabitants is very low. At present it is fairly easy to find dwellings for students. This means that students who enrol at Umeå University will get a roof over their heads when they arrive.

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